Monday, 11 August 2014

Economical Innova Car Rental In India At Affordable Cost

With Innova car rental you get safety and security features in addition to have a comfortable ride, you can get all these features at an affordable price by investing your money with right car rental service provider.

The manufacturer of this is Toyoto Motor Corporation, which is a Japanese automobile company and are designed for people planning to go on a trip with small group of family members or friends. Since there are many rough terrain, bumpy roads and other kinds of tricky situations are faced by tourist when they travel on an Indian road, many car rental agencies have made some changes to these rides, and have improved its exterior body and made other changes to the car. With these changes now you can now have a safe and comfortable trips even when coming across any such situation, as they provide all these they are always high in demand in India. If you are planning on going on long journeys, then this MUV is the perfect choice, considering you are traveling with not more than seven people at a time.  So have a safe and fun ride by hiring such a high in demand car.

With Innova Car Rental you get large interior space and huge luggage space in the back of the car. Having many technical features that are considered best for driving in Indian roads also makes this car much in demand.  The technical features of these rides can be summarized as a 2500 cc engine, this will ensure you have a great drive with this car, an additional 2KD-FTV 16 – DOHC engine makes the drive far better than others. You can rely on them for safe and comfortable ride, since they come with a great ground clearance of 170 mm besides having a turning radius of 5.4 m. For passenger safety and security additional safety features like first aid kit and fire extinguisher will be made available in every car. Some car agencies add a luxurious touch to their vehicles by providing seats with soft cushions, a separate mineral water bottle holder etc.

The Best Car Hire In India provides you great opportunity for Innova Car Rental  at an affordable price, You will only be provided well maintained vehicle from our large collection of fleet. In case you want to hire your ride with a driver, we also provide well mannered and behaved chauffeurs that are properly dressed, they also carry a roaming mobile phone with them that is available for you whenever you need it. Our car agency ensures that you have a great experience when hiring one of our car, so we have made some changes to the interior of all such cars, giving them more luxury look, for your convenience cars are also equipped with torches and other small necessities. We try our best to ensure you that you have a stress free car rental experience, like our other customers in the past. Through our widely spread branches in almost all over India we ensure that you get your vehicle no matter from where you want it.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hire Deluxe 15 Seater Tempo Traveller On Rent In India

For Families with large group of people going on a trip together, 15 seater Tempo traveller makes up for the perfect choice. You can book them in advance and rest assured about having a fun and comfortable trip with their larger interior space and solid exterior body.

There are various versions of Tempo rides that you can hire, these versions are generally different in terms of number of passenger seats provided. There are 15 passenger seats provided in the 15 seater with two seats reserved one for driver and for helper each. These rides were first introduced by Mercedes Benz the famous car manufacturing company, now Force Motors an Indian car manufacturing company has made them available in India too. These rides are further modified by the car agency to give them a touch of luxury ride. These cars handle themselves well in tricky situations like a tough corner, rough terrain and bumpy roads. These rides provide a safe, fun and comfortable trip to large group of family members that may include children too. You can easily rely on them for added protection for safety and security purpose.

A 15 seater Tempo traveller comes with many features. The seats of such rides are very spacious and they are of semi-adjustable height in nature, meaning you can use them for sleep purpose too, so that you do not get tired during your long trip. Each seat is equipped with seat belt, thus ensuring each passenger safety. There is huge luggage space is provided in the back of car, so you do not have to worry about space for your luggage. All rides are equipped with standard safety equipment like first aid kit and fire extinguisher. Keeping the entertainment in mind you will be able to enjoy yourself with high quality music system provided in all cars, you can also get a color LCD for your ride. Such Tempo ride with added LCD screen is made available to customer on special request. For added luxury touch you will find ice box and local newspaper placed in the car.

When you hire a 15 Seater Tempo Traveller for Best Car Hire In India, you only get best car and quality services. All vehicles are well maintained, you can choose your preferred vehicle from our large collection of fleet. With vehicle of your choice you will be provided an experienced driver who speaks English very well and is well mannered and behaved with properly dressed. We do not give our client any opportunity to complain, we ensure you get your desired vehicle in perfect condition. It is advised to you that when you want some special features to be in your car like color LCD, do inform our agency through advance booking. You can easily choose between AC version and Non-AC version of vehicle. Through our fully customer dedicated team we have made several loyal customers over the last years that we are very proud of. So get vehicle of your choice and enjoy a fun and comfortable trip with your loved ones.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Long Drive Vehicle - Tempo Traveller With 12 Seats

12 Seater Tempo Traveller are available to tourist all over India through different car agencies, these large vehicles are suitable for family with many members planning to go on a trip together. You can enjoy a fun and comfortable tour through various features provided by these rides.

Have a comfortable tour with your loved ones with Tempo vehicles, they are especially designed to be comfy and safe. There was first introduced in market by the famous car manufacturing company Mercedes Benz, since then these cars have gained popularity and makes up for the perfect choice when planning to go on a long trip with your family. Force Motors manufacture these vehicles in India and you can hire them from wherever you are in India, car agencies which rent these vehicles made small changes to its interior and exterior body, to give it a luxury look to make their customers happy. You can take them on rough terrain and bumpy roads and still have a good ride. There solid exterior body provides safety and security to its passengers, which is further increased by additional safety measures equipped in the car itself.

A 12 Seater Tempo Traveller offers 12 passenger seats and two additional seats are reserved for driver and guide. You can hire these ride and have a fun trip, all seats of these rides are spacious and you can adjust them to have a good sleep as these seats come with semi-adjustable height. Ample storage space for luggage is provided in the back of the car. These rides are also equipped with safety features like fire extinguisher and first aid kit, you also have the facility of modern technologies like GPS, that you may not need but it is still good to have all these features. Also if you are big fan of entertainment than you can still have all your entertainment needs fulfilled with Temop Travellers that comes with equipped LCD screen otherwise you can enjoy HD music system that is installed in all these cars.

There are many car agencies from which you can get a 12 Seater Tempo Traveller on rent, but only top car agencies like Best Car Hire In India ensures quality and complete satisfaction to its customers. You will be provided a well mannered and behaved chauffeur that speaks English very well, he is also dressed in proper uniform and carries a roaming cell that you can use if needed to make an emergency call. You can choose from large collection of fleet and all vehicles taken care by our staff to ensure that you are provided only with well maintained vehicles that are neat and clean from both inside and outside. You can hire a vehicle almost all over India, which is made possible through our agency different branches in different cities of India. When you hire a vehicle of your choice from us, you will be provided vehicle at your choice of place and later dropped off at your desired location, making it a very convenient for our customers.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

8 Seater AC Tempo Traveller Rental In India

Tempo travelers over time is proving to be one of best choice when it comes to large family trip. They are spacious in nature as they as specially designed to be comfortable for many people riding together. You can easily hire 8 Seater Tempo traveler in India from a reputed car agency. These rides are known for great comfort for large family group on a long trip.

With 8 seater tempo traveler ten people can comfortably ride it with one seat for driver and guide each. They were originally introduced in market by Merecedes Benz, now an Indian manufacturing company Force Motors also develops them. With their solid exterior body and stylish interior, they makes up good choice for people looking for a luxury ride at a comfortable cost. It's common to find bumpy roads, rough terrain when you are traveling in India, do not let that stop you from having a great holiday experience as these cars can handle themselves well under such conditions. All along your trip not only they provide a comfortable seats with all the modern facility equipped in them, they also known for being fuel efficient cars.

Facilities provided by 8 seater tempo traveler includes eight fully reclining, semi-adjustable height that proves very relaxing on the long drive. All the seats of are very spacious and comfortable with abundant leg space for moving purpose, also each of them having a separate seat belt for them. You will get only neat and clean vehicles that are fully equipped with safety measures like first aid box and fire extinguisher. For your entertainment purpose color LCD are made available in chosen cars that you can easily get through advance booking, also enjoy high quality stereo system available in all our vehicles. To give you a luxury feel you will find icebox, local newspaper with these vehicles.

When hiring 8 Seater Tempo Traveller from a reputed agency, there are certain qualities that will be found in their rides, chauffeurs, guide. You will be provided a well mannered and behaved, English spoken driver having lots of experience, they will have a separate roaming mobile them that you can use in case of any emergency. You also have the option to choose bestween AC and non AC version of car. Due to high in demand these cars are best booked in advance to avoid any booking problems later on. Best Car Hire in India provides car rental facility almost all over India especially in major cities like Delhi, Hyderabad etc. With its widespread branches and large fleet of collection you can always trust them when it comes to quality.

Car rental services are easily accessible to both domestic and international clients. Tempo traveller are best used for family trip, or group of friends planning for a long journey, they are specially designed for tourist comfort. You will find that these vehicles are available with different number of seats capacity, giving you more flexibility in your choice. These cars do not let you tire out during long trip, they are comfortable are makes up for the best choice a long and happy journey.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hire 9 Seater Tempo Traveller In India At Affordable Cost

Tempo travelers are good choice for a group of nine or more, these rides are very spacious in nature and are specially designed to be comfortable to large families going on long trip. You can easily hire one from many car rental agencies available in India.

A 9 seater Tempo traveller offers nine fully spacious and comfortable passenger seats with two additional seats reserved for driver and tour guide each. You can have easily fit 10 people if you were not to hire a tour guide. They are very fuel efficient and can easily travel hundreds of miles before running out of gas, this makes them a good choice for people planning to go on a long trip with their family member. With a well established agency you can get a car on rent throughout the year, they will also offer some additional services like hotel pick-up and drop-off. These rides were originally introduced in the market by Mercedes Benz, later Force Motors a Indian company started manufacturing them and now they are available in India at an affordable cost.

When you hire a 9 seater Tempo traveller on rent you will be having a great experience through many of it services. In addition to having a solid exterior body and interior that gives a touch of luxury ride these cars handle themselves well on rough terrain, and bumpy roads that you are bound to find when traveling between cities in India, so having such a ride will ensure safety and security of both vehicle and its passengers. For extra comfort all seats available with semi-adjustable and push back feature. For safety purpose each seat is available with its seat belt, other safety measures like first aid kit and fire extinguisher are installed. So hiring them for long family trip not only proves to be a suitable solution for comfortable ride but also a safe one. You can choose among AC and Non-AC version of it, few selected rides are available with color LCD screen for your entertainment purpose.

Through Best Car Hire India, one of reputed car agency you will be provided finest of services. There are many options available for choosing your ride, such 8, 9, 10, 11 seater Tempo traveller, it is advisable though to book a car in advance to avoid any problems later on.  When you hire a 9 Seater Tempo Traveller you will be provided a well dressed chauffeur, who also besides well mannered and behaved also speaks English language very well. Depending upon your needs you can choose a car from our large collection of fleet, our agency has branches spread almost all over India. All drivers are provided a roaming cell phone that you can use in case there is any emergency.

Throughout the years we have gained trust of both domestic as well as international clients and have successfully grown our business through loyal customers, who never get disappointed with the quality of our services. You can be rest assured when it comes to quality and maintenance of cars, we only provide well maintained and properly neat and clean cars, that are well equipped with all the safety measures and modern technology.  

Monday, 21 July 2014

7 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller On Rent

Available at an affordable cost 7 seater tempo traveler on rent comes with many equipped features and being extra spacious makes it a perfect choice of anyone planning for a family trip, you can easily rent it in India with so many agencies now providing you rides with so many options.

7 Seater Tempo Traveler has the capacity of seven people along with two seats for driver and helper, you can easily hire a tempo traveler all over India, especially major cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. Force Motors, a Indian automobile company manufactured it while some little changes to its interior and exterior were made to add a luxury touch to it. One look of it in real time will have a great impression on you, and once inside it you can feel its comfortable design with extra comfortable seats that make your long journey more relaxing and enjoyable, it also comes provides huge luggage space in the back of it, also with ample leg space it is easy for both passengers and driver to enjoy a long journey without any discomfort.

Hire 7 seater Tempo Traveler for its feature that includes  total safety with its monologue structure, you will need not to worry about when it comes to safety this car will handle itself even on rough terrain, bumpy roads. With its push back semi adjustable seats and seat belt for every passenger you have comfort ride besides a safe one. For your entertainment you have inbuilt high definition music system, LCD screen. Keeping safety in mind your ride comes equipped with safety features like first aid kit, fire extinguisher. Other features provided are ice-box, local newspaper etc. You can get your Tempo traveler in both a/c and non-a/c  version, with slight price difference. You can rent a car with a driver or without one based on your needs.

Our agency only deals in Best Car Hire in India, and has large fleet of collection in addition to 7 Seater Tempo Traveller. You will be provided a well maintained car with neat and clean interior, a well English spoken chauffeur who is well mannered and dressed besides having lots of experience will be provided to you. Your assigned driver will also have a roaming phone with him that you can use in case you need it. You can also depend on your assigned driver for any local area guidance like best restaurant in area, best route to take to reach a certain location.

You will find many agencies throughout India, what makes our agency unique is we stay loyal to our clients, and has agency branches spread almost all over India. We have gained trust of our users and proved ourselves again and again, we have gained trust of not only domestic tourist but also foreign tourists. It is advisable to you to book a car in advance due to high popularity of 7 seater Tempo traveler and other spacious cars they are always in demand throughout year, since India is a country where every month of year comes with some festival.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Delhi Agra Jaipur Taxi

The distance of Delhi to Agra is about 203 km and that of Agra to Jaipur is 238 km, it takes around two and half hours to travel from one city to another of Golden Triangle Tour. There are approximate 20 car rental agencies that you can find in between Delhi Agra and Jaipur. Choose the best one that assures you of great comfort and safety during your travel.

You can easily hire a Delhi Agra Jaipur Taxi, since these cities of India compose the Golden Triangle Tour, the transport services over the last couple of years has vastly improved to further provide aid in growing tour and travel business in India. Many tourists prefer to go with the agency car booking, there are some tourists who prefer to hire a guide one place and book their ride from another agency. The vast amount of options available to tourist has made the process of hiring and booking quite simple. Now intercity car booking is easy and very convenient.

Many car rental agencies of Delhi Agra and Jaipur provide their customers special services like insurance for tourist, detailed map etc. These services mostly come when you do the whole booking process through one single car agency. There are many types of Taxi that you book, like luxurious car, big SUV/MUV ride, fuel friendly cars. All these car are available in both AC and Non AC version. If you are planning to explore India that takes you to hilly mountains, rough terrain that you should invest into a ride that is specially made to provide a comfortable rides even on rough terrain, bumpy roads.

With our Best car hire in India not only you will get well maintained car that have indoors neatly cleaned. All our cars are fully equipped with safety features like fire extinguisher, first aid kit. We also take care of your entertainment with HD music system built in all our cars, you will never lost your way when traveling from one city to another with our cars as they are equipped with modern GPS system. You will enjoy a comfortable ride of Delhi Agra and Jaipur with our luxurious cars from our large fleet of collection.

If you are familiar with the routes, then you can hire a Taxi without any chauffeur. For tourist who would like to enjoy themselves with their friends and family even during travel we provide well mannered, properly dressed drivers, speaking English very well. We only have experienced drivers for you, they will take you through best routes within a city saving your precious time from traffic that usually found high in Delhi. You will be having an amazing time exploring India's great heritages like Delhi's Qutub Minar, Lal Qila - The Red Fort etc. Agra's Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Jaipur's Amber Fort, Jantar Mantar etc. You can easily book your Taxi through our website with many options, if you need you can talk to our agency representative directly over phone and solve any query quickly. So travel safely and comfortably while making wonderful memories of Delhi Agra Jaipur tour by hiring from best Taxi Rental Company in India.